Christian cards. Card size 4"x6".

Christian greeting cards.

Inside message:

  • Confirmation - May the Holy Spirit guide you, in all that you do and may the Lord bless you every step of the way.
  • Holy Communion - As you celebrate your First Holy Communion, may the light of the Lord shine upon you and be your guide from this day forth.
  • Ordination - May the blessings of the Lord be with you this day of your ordination and Always.



Size Guide


inches - cm

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4x4 - 10.16x10.16
5x5 - 12.7x12.7
5x7 - 12.7x17.8
6x8 - 15.24x20.32
8x8 - 20.32x20.32
6x12 - 15.24x30.48
8x10 - 20.32x25.4
12x16 - 30.48x40.64

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