We also manage your RSVP.

At Nneyah Cards, not only do we handcraft your invitations, menus and place cards but also take care of your RSVP.

We have a special page dedicated to your guests where they can:

  • RSVP

  • Pick their menu options

  • Send you a personalized message and

  • Any other details you desire!  

Let us know how often you wish to be updated and receive an e-copy of all responses.

    Make your event planning less stressful with our e-RSVP.


    inches - cm

    all sizes on Nneyah Cards are displayed in inches

    4x4 - 10.16x10.16
    5x5 - 12.7x12.7
    5x7 - 12.7x17.8
    6x8 - 15.24x20.32
    8x8 - 20.32x20.32
    6x12 - 15.24x30.48
    8x10 - 20.32x25.4
    12x16 - 30.48x40.64

    Still unsure about size? Use an online-ruler* here

    *Disclaimer: this is a third-party link, Nneyah Cards is not responsible for your use of this link.